Divas are born. Moms are…created???

Last post was the story of how my nickname came to be…Now let’s get to the present moment. I’m a new mom. A first time mom at 37. The question I get the most always seem to ask me how I feel about being a mom. Do I feel like I am a new person? Does my life finally have meaning?

Well ,as usual, I am not playing to stereotypes. I love my son. He is the most amazing person. He is the coolest.  He is a being that God  created and my husband and I were chosen to lead and guide him in this life.  Do I feel like a new person? No. I still feel like me.  Do I feel like I found the meaning of my life? No. I think the meaning of my life is still a mystery. I’m not convinced that we will ever get the answer to that in this life.

Becoming a mother feels more like an upgrade.  Diva 3.0. The question that keeps me up at night is what do I need to do with this upgrade? Why was I given this mission? How do I use everything I have learned to create the best outcome?

I am not sure, but I am going to find out.

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