Walking in the Dark

I have no idea what is going to happen. In this country. In my state. In my town. Even in my own home. There are so many stories, nay true events, of injustice. They are not stopping. They are increasing. Injustice is being supported. My faith, my academics, my life’s work is being disregarded. Power seems to be all that matters, something that by chance of birth I have very little. I do not live in squalor or lack, but on many days I feel I might as well. Poverty sits outside my door. Worse is the feeling that if the worst happened people would simply walk right by me. As I have done so many times to those in dire situations. I am certain that Jesus is with me. I am certain He is here. Am I willing to accept whatever He has for me? I feel like a blind person walking through a war zone. I have only Jesus to hold my hand and help me and my son survive. These are days where faith is being challenged on a global scale.

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